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Tammin Caravan Site

The Tammin Caravan Site is a popular destination for campers and travellers seeking a comfortable and picturesque camping experience. The site boasts a large parking area that can accommodate a variety of caravans and motorhomes, providing ample space for visitors to set up their camping equipment. To cater to different needs, the site offers two power boxes, ensuring a reliable supply of electricity for those who require powered sites. For campers who prefer a more rustic experience, there are unlimited non-powered sites available.

In addition to the parking options, the caravan site provides convenient access to well-maintained public toilets, ensuring visitors have essential facilities nearby. Furthermore, the site features a spacious oval area, which serves as a recreational space for families and friends to enjoy outdoor activities or simply relax amidst the natural surroundings. Speaking of which, the Tammin Caravan Site is surrounded by scenic landscapes, offering breath taking views and opportunities for exploration and enjoyment of the natural beauty of the area.

Whether travellers seek powered or non-powered sites, the Tammin Caravan Site provides a delightful camping experience with its spacious parking, power options, access to amenities, recreational space, and stunning scenery. 

To book your site, please contact the Shire Office on (08) 9637 0300 or via email to admin@tammin.wa.gov.au