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The outside staff perform the following tasks on behalf of the Shire of Tammin:

  • Road Construction
  • Road Maintenance
  • Footpaths
  • Roadside reserves
  • Tree Pruning on Road Reserves
  • Drainage
  • Ovals and Sports Ground Management
  • Parks & Gardens
  • Rubbish Tip
  • Cemetery Maintenance
  • Town Maintenance
  • Major Projects
  • Private Works

Road Maintenance / Drainage / Footpaths / Kerbs

The Council is responsible for the construction and maintenance of gravel and bitumen roads within the Shire, with the exception of those roads maintained by Main Roads WA. This maintenance and construction function extends to the drainage systems, footpaths and kerbing.

Please report pot holes, damaged kerbs, footpaths, flooding of streets or other minor maintenance requests to the Shire office.

Damaged Street Signs

Street Signs and Traffic Control signs are the responsibility of the Shire of Tammin. All queries/complaints in relation to these are to be directed to the Shire office.

Harvest Mass Management Scheme

Heavy Vehicle Services is amending its Harvest Mass Management Scheme for 2016 / 7 to allow improved 'first mile' access to paddocks for Restricted Access Vehicles.  The measures are designed to assist operators in safely moving increased quantities of grain from paddock to bin, in anticipation of a bumper harvest.

for more information please visit Main Roads by click on the link provided.