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KidSport Grants Program

The Shire of Tammin is delighted to be involved in the KidSport grants program in partnership with the Department of Sport and Recreation. KidSport makes it possible for all children within the Shire to participate in community sport and recreation. This program allows eligible youth aged 5 – 18 years to apply for financial assistance towards club fees.

Why sporting and recreation clubs are important: 

  • Active kids learn better.
  • Kids who participate in sport and recreation are physically and mentally healthier.
  • Clubs bring people and communities together.
  • It’s fun!
  • Clubs are a great place to meet lifelong friends.
  • Some of the best conversations you will ever have with your kids will be in the car to and from training, to and from the game.
  • Learn positive values.
  • Kids who join clubs feel part of the community and develop a sense of pride in that community.

Am I eligible? 

The KidSport program helps keep kids healthy and active through participation in sport by providing financial assistance to families. Vouchers can be used for club registration fees, and essential playing equipment, and uniforms. Eligible children between 5 and 18 years, who are named on a valid Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card, can receive up to $500 available per financial year.

KidSport will allow eligible youth aged 5-18 years to apply for financial assistance towards club fees. The fees will go directly from the Shire Of Tammin to the relevant Club.

  • Applicant must be aged 5-18 years;
  • Applicant must have a Health Care Card or Pension Concession Card OR be referred by a 'recognised' Referral Agent;
  • Applicant's primary place of residence must be in the local government area they are applying to (exceptions may apply);
  • If is preferred that applicants register with a club that is in their local government area (exceptions may apply).

How do I apply?

  • Step 1 - Go to https://kidsport.dlgsc.wa.gov.au/kidsport/apply-for-kidsport-1/ and complete an application online
  • Step 2 -  The Shire of Tammin will approve your request, you will then receive an email with a voucher code
  • Step 3 -  Submit the voucher code to the club when registering
  • Step 4 -  The club will invoice the Shire of Tammin for the cost of fees up to $200 per child