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Fire Control 


Please remember that all firebreaks must be prepared within your property on or before the 1st November 2023 and maintained clear of inflammable material up to and including the 16th March 2024.

As per previous years the Shire will undertake motorised slashing of blocks in the Tammin town site, however, the below conditions will apply:

  1. The applicant must inform the Shire Administration Office by the 1st October 2022 if they require the Shire to slash the block.
  2. The block must be clear of metal, wood and other obstructions that could damage the machine.
  3. If there is obstructions and hand tools are to be used, the works will be at the hourly rate set in the 2022/23 fees and charges.
  4. The fee for a standard 1/4 acre block will be $250.00 GST included.

If there are any blocks which have not prepared their firebreaks, a fire prevention infringement will be issued by our local ranger services.

Restricted Burning Period                           

15 October 2024 - 31 October 2024 - Burning permit required.

Prohibited Burning Period

1 November 2024 - 14 February 2025 - NO burning permitted! 

Restricted Burning Period      

15 February 2025 - 15 March 2025 - Burning permit required. 


NO burning permitted on days when very high, severe, extreme or catastrophic fire danger is forecast. 

Burning Garden Refuse And Rubbish

The following rules apply during the Restricted and Prohibited Burning Times:

No fire may be lit to destroy garden refuse or rubbish, other than in an incinerator, on a day when the fire danger forecast issued by the Bureau of Meteorology is "Very High" or "Extreme" for that locality.

The following procedures apply to the burning of garden refuse or rubbish: Fires lit in an incinerator are permitted at any time of the day provided that

  1. The incinerator is properly constructed and will not permit the escape of sparks or burning material.
  2. The incinerator is located not less than two metres from any building or fence.
  3. The area around the incinerator is cleared of all inflammable material for at least two metres.


Fires Lit On The Ground

  1. Fires may be lit only between 6pm and 11pm each day and must be extinguished by midnight of the same day.
  2. Fires may only be lit on the ground provided the surrounding area is cleared of all flammable material to at least five metres around the material to be burnt.
  3. The person who lit the fire or the person left in attendance shall completely extinguish the fire with water or earth before leaving the fire.

Common Sense Precautions

Do not attempt to light any fire to destroy garden refuse or rubbish if conditions are windy. Have a garden hose connected to a tap and water running while burning is carried out. Do not leave the fire unattended at any time. The bigger the fire, the greater the risk of sparks causing a fire to escape.

DFES current bushfire preparedness material - www.dfes.wa.gov.au/firechat   

Fire Service Officers
Chief Bushfire Control Officer
Gavin Charlton

Mobile: 0429 381 085

Chn: 21
Deputy Chief Bushfire Control Officers
David Thomson

Mobile: 0429 452 026

Fire Control Officers

Hayden Dixon

Mobile: 0428 381 027
Ashley Mackin  Mobile: 0428 381 033

Tim York

Home: 9637 1134

Mobile: 0427 737 113

Nick Caffell  Mobile: 0429 452 035
Tammin Volunteer Fire Service Officers

Dennis Heppell (Captain)
107 Yorkrakine Road

Home:  9637 1575

Mobile: 0407 772 689


Toby McQuistan
Lot 1 Packham Street

Home: 9637 1169

Graeme Button
7 Strang Street 

Home:  9637 1098

Mobile: 0429 131 835

Wayne Button
724 Ralston Rd

Home:  9637 1046

Mobile: 0428 887 988

Graham Dixon
480 Dixon Rd

Home: 9045 2005

Mobile: 0417 915 685

Brian Fowler
443 Barrack Rd

Home:  9637 1273

Mobile: 0407 191 736

Donald Thomson
4766 Cubbine Rd

Home:  9045 2051

Mobile: 0417 452 005