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Business Resources

The Shire of Tammin welcomes and encourages new business initiatives. If you are considering starting a business venture in Tammin please contact the CEO to see what help the Council is able to provide. The following may also be of assistance:

Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC)

The SBDC's vision is for small business to be the driving force of the Western Australian economy.

They provide independent guidance and information to existing and/or intending small business owners and through innovative programs to assist small business

On their website you can also access information about:

Business Enterprise Centres (BEC)

The Business Enterprise Centres (BEC) offer free assistance and support to new and existing businesses through the following services:

  • Free practical business assistance
  • Referral to specialist advisers (accountants, lawyers, etc.)
  • Assistance through the maze of government departments and regulations
  • Business workshops
  • Business information
  • Problem solving

The business facilitator servicing Tammin is currently located in Northam and can be contacted on 9622 5730

Wheatbelt Business Network (WBN)

The Wheatbelt Business Network provides comprehensive support to local businesses striving for growth and resilience.  WBN's services encompass a range of targeted programs including strategic planning workshops, marketing and financial management training, and access to cutting-edge industry insights.  Additionally, WBN advocates for regional businesses, ensuring they have a voice in the broader economic planning and access to government initiatives.  With its commitment to fostering a connected and informed business community, WBN plays a pivotal role in the economic development of the Wheatbelt.