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Tammin is well served with communication facilities and have the following services:

  • Standard telephone Service
  • Broadband Service (On Ramp, ISDN)
  • Digital GSM Mobile Service (Telstra)
  • Next G Mobile Service (Various service providers)
  • Internet Service Provider (BBnet, Bigpond & Westnet)
  • UHF CB Repeater Channel 1

Broadband Service

Telstra, BBNet and Westnet can provide a Broadband Service (ISDN). This facility will provide you with a data service in addition to your normal telephone line. The speed of this service for an Internet connection would be approx. twice to four times that of a standard telephone line.

Digital GSM Mobile Service

Telstra provides a GSM Mobile Service which covers sections of the Great Eastern Highway. It is difficult to access this service within the Tammin townsite. This service was provided as part of the Commonwealth Government’s ‘Linking the Nation Program’.

Next G Mobile Service

This service can be accessed within the Tammin townsite on a hand held mobile although it is difficult when inside a building. NextG Mobile Service

Internet Service Providers

Internet service is provided by the three major service providers in WA, Telstra Bigpond, Westnet and BBNet.

UHF CB Repeater

A repeater is located on top of the Kellerberrin Hill and serves the farming community. This service is also invaluable during the bushfire season for local communication.


Tammin is served by all the major Rural TV Networks and have the following services available within the shire:

GWN (Golden West Network) Channel 50 transmits from Mawson, provides coverage to all the shire.
WIN TV Channel 42 provides a digital service to all the shire transmitted from the Mawson site. A digital set-top box is required to be able to receive this service.

WIN TV Channel 44 Transmits from the Tammin Town Hall and provides a service to the townsite.

SBS Channel 47 transmits from the Mawson site providing coverage to all the shire.


The ABC National and Rural services are available as well as a number of commercial AM and FM radio stations.

Postal Service

Tammin has a daily mail service from Perth. Metropolitan mail is generally received by the next day.


Major metropolitan and national newspapers are available daily. There are regional newspapers (the Wheatbelt Mercury & Avon Argus) printed once a week. Tammin also publishes a local community newsletter, the ‘Tammin Tabloid’ which is printed fortnightly by local community volunteers.