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Town Planning


Town planning coordinates land use and development by balancing economic, social and environment issues. Planning policies, schemes and other statutory processes guide decisions that shape and focus on quality of life for the community.

The Tammin Town Planning Scheme No. 1 and the Residential Design Codes are the main documents that guide development in the Shire.

Planning approval is generally required prior to the use of land or construction of a building. In most cases a change of use also requires planning approval.  A Building Licence is also required for construction or demolition works.

The Planning framework is governed by the Planning and Development Act 2005 and Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015, together with State Planning Policies.  The Western Australian Planning Commission is the main regulatory authority for town planning who approve scheme amendments, structure plans and subdivision.

Before commencing any development on land within the Shire, landowners and applicants are recommended to contact the Shire's Planner on 9637 0300 to discuss their proposal who will be happy to assist landowners to determine whether formal applications are required and how they can guide the applicant through the process.






    The Shire of Tammin employs a Town Planning Officer, Joe Douglas, who can be contacted by mobile on 0429 303 101 or email joe@urp.com.au