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    Welcome to the Shire of Tammin

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Profile of Tammin Primary School

Tammin Primary School caters for children from Kindergarten to Year 6. With a history that spans 117 years, we are proud of our friendly, caring and inclusive atmosphere.

Tammin Primary School is consistently evolving to ensure a dynamic learning environment is provided and staff work collaboratively to assist children in realising their potential. Our educational philosophy places strong emphasis on the implementation of systemic whole-school English and Mathematics programs, scheduled simultaneously across three composite classrooms. All support staff work closely with classroom teachers to provide enriched targeted learning programs.

Vision & Mission

Tammin Primary School is a pivotal point in our community that fosters a positive and safe learning environment where everyone looks after each other; feels respected, understood and encouraged to become strong active participants in the community.

At Tammin Primary School we ensure our students achieve positive social and academic skills and knowledge with high expectations of achievement by:

  • Showing RESPECT for all
  • Promoting RESILIENT behaviours (withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions)
  • Strengthening feelings of SELF-WORTH through INCLUSIVE practices
  • COMMUNICATING positively and CONSTRUCTIVELY with others
  • Providing a MOTIVATING and STIMULATING learning and work environment
  • COLLABORATING between parents, students and staff

Our mission is to INSPIRE others to become RESOURCEFUL and INFORMED citizens who CONTRIBUTE POSITIVELY to a changing world.


Tammin Primary School
Ph: 9637 1051
Email: tammin.ps@det.edu.au
WWW: http://www.tamminps.wa.edu.au/

Cunderdin District High School
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Cunderdin Agricultural College
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  • 2019 Local Government Ordinary Election

    Key Dates
    Close of roll: 5.00pm Friday 30 August 2019
    Nominations Open: Thursday 5 September 2019 (Nomination period is open for 8 days)
    Nominations Close: 4.00pm 12 September 2019
    Election Day: Saturday 19 October 2019

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