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Minutes 2016

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December 2016 Ordinary Council Minutes 24/02/2017
December 2016 Financials- 1 24/02/2017
December 2016 Financials- 2 24/02/2017
December 2016 Financials- 3 24/02/2017
December 2016 Financials- 4 24/02/2017
October 2016 Ordinary Council Minutes 19/12/2016
October 2016 Financials- 1 19/12/2016
October 2016 Financials- 2 19/12/2016
September 2016 Ordinary Council Minutes 17/11/2016
September 2016 Financials 30/09/2016
August 2016 Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes 26/08/2016
August 2016 Financials 26/08/2016
July 2016 Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes 29/07/2016
July 2016 Financials 29/07/2016
June 2016 Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes 24/06/2016
June 2016 Financials 24/06/2016
May 2016 Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes 31/05/2016
May 2016 Financials 31/05/2016
April 2016 Financials 29/04/2016
April 2016 Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes 29/04/2016
March 2016 Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes 29/03/2016
March 2016 Financials 29/03/2016
February 2016 Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes 29/02/2016
Feb 2016 Financials - 1 29/02/2016
Feb 2016 Financials - 2 29/02/2016

Latest News

  • Wheatbelt Science Trail

    The Wheatbelt Science Hub successfully applied for funding to develop the Wheatbelt Science Trail. This will be a virtual trail pulling together information on interesting sites across the region, into one user friendly locations. This is a project that we would like our Shire to be apart of!

    What's your favourite science site in the Shire of Tammin?  It could be a place you like or one you’re curious to know more about.

    Contribute your ideas so everyone can discover the wonder of our region!

    The draw for the Wheatbelt Business Network prize is now closed, but there is still same time to nominate a site, before 20th March.

    To nominate go to http://www.wheatbeltscience.org.au/trail.html


  • Road Condition Report

    Shire of Tammin Road Condition Report as of 20/02/2017, 11:30AM.
    We are hoping all roads will be opened within the next week however this will depend on the water levels reducing and predicted further rain events.